Team Spiritz


Drakelow Tunnels :- 30th September 2011

 Team Spiritz were invited by Paranormal The Otherside to this location along with other paranormal teams, Andy & Chris decided to take this opportunity to go as we had been before.



9:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location along with the other teams, and made their way to the hub.

9:30pm:- Circle of protection was done by Andy in the hub, near the kitchen area. Andy could feel breezes all around him, Chris could also feel it so they checked for possible causes, but could not find an explanation. Andy felt there was a male spirit around him, aged around 30, he felt his name was Malcolm. He believed he was in the forces. He also felt he was not a very nice spirit, very negative.

9:50pm:- Andy and Chris then went into tunnel 1, near the guard room. Andy began calling out, asking for taps and knocks. Chris was holding out a voice recorder, and they both heard a tap, Chris said it was on the voice recorder, it felt as if someone was pulling it out of his hand, but there wa no one else present. Chris felt that it would have been a guard trying to take it off him as it would not have been allowed in there during the war. Andy then got a feeling of being watched from the doorway, he felt this could be 2 more guards. Andy then used the infra red thermometre, the start temperature was 9.3, Andy asked for it to drop and it dropped to 7.6 in a short amount of time.

10:30pm:- Andy and Chris then went into the kitchen area. they decided to try using white noise, but the battery went dead, even though it was fully charged. As they began taking photos, Andy felt the need to say - "my name is Paul - help me!". He felt the spirit was no older than 16. Chris began to call out to Paul, straight away they heard a tapping, so they moved further into the kitchen area. Andy felt Paul needed help because he was injured, and he would have been treated at the medical area. Andy then tried connecting to the spirit using the dowsing rods, but got no real response.

11:15pm:- Break

11:30pm:- They then joined DPH and went to an area just off tunnel 4. Andy began calling out, asking for responses, but he then got the feeling that he needed to escape. All of the group felt tickling sensations on their faces. Andy then walked up to the door and felt a stabbing pain on the left hand side of his head, and the k2 metre spiked at the same time. Andy and another member of DPH saw a shadow moving in the darkness, like it was shimmering, there was no-one or nothing there to cause it. Girls from DPH felt a breeze blowing on their legs. Chris was standing alone by the door, and he heard a cracking noise. The k2 metre then spiked again. Andy asked in his head for spirit to touch one of the girls on her left leg, and it did.

12:20am:- They then moved to the dormatories. Two of the girls were touched on the back. Andy and one of the girls thought someone was standing between them but no one was there. Everyone saw shadows in the doorway. Andy then saw a white light in a doorway of a room opposite. The room next door felt very cold, but the temperature gauge said it was warmer, they couldn't find an explanation why. The coldness felt like it was in patches swirling around the room.

1:25am:- They then moved into a room off tunnel 4, Andy saw a flash from his left shoulder, just behind him. Then Chris saw a red light flash on the wall, and a squiggle of light on the floor. Photos were taken, but batteries on the cameras were draining power again. Andy and Chris headed to the back of the kitchen area, and Andy had a sickening feeling.

2:00am:- Andy and Chris had one last walk around, but they felt all the energy had gone and the atmosphere had changed, so they decided to call it a night.

2:20am:- Closing prayer of protection done by Andy. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected



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