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Drakelow Tunnels :- 8th April 2011

 Team Spiritz were invited to this fantastic location by Medium Kevin Crook, this location has been an interest of ours for some time so we had to take up this opportunity


8:30pm:- After meeting Kevin and Tina at a nearby pub, Team Spiritz arrived at the tunnels and walked through to the hub. They then went on a walk around to get a feel of the place, setting up cameras as they went. Chris also set up the laser wall, and the body cameras on Sam and Andy. As they were walking around, Andy had the feeling of it being like a community. The team were just in awe of the place!

9:30pm:- The team set off from the hub alone, and entered tunnel 4. The investigation began with a circle of protection done by Andy. Andy began to call out. As they were walking, photos were constantly being taken, and as they walked towards the sky cam, Andy began to feel very sick. He felt like his throat had been slit. Andy then heard a growl.

They then entered a room off tunnel 4, and set up a table, and began glass divination. All of the team felt cold spots moving around the table. The glass took quite a long time to start moving. They connected with a female spirit, but could not get much information from her. She had lived here, she did not work here. She was happy to talk to the team but then the glass stopped moving. Andy was picking up on a teenager that he felt had run away from home.

They then moved into the room where the laser wall had been set up. Louise saw movement across the bottom of a doorway. Andy began calling out. Louise then saw a white shadow on the floor, about a minute later, Andy saw exactly the same thing in the same place.

They then walked up to tunnel 1, and entered a guard room. They set up a table and began glass divination. They connected with a male spirit, he had worked here, he was a guard. They asked him to give them the year he was around, the glass stopped. The team felt this was because it was confidential information. Andy began to call out, there was a loud bang in the tunnel outside the room. Chris had been warm all night, but he suddenly went freezing cold, and he then saw lights in the tunnel down the steps. Sam saw the infra-red lights on Andy's waistcoat spin around, even though they are screwed down!

12:00am:- The team had a tea break in the hub.

12:15am:- They then moved around the back of the hub, and went into the generator room. Andy began calling out, asking for knocks on the machinery, and was getting knocks in response. There were some loud unexplained bangs. Andy was picking up on the name Edward, he felt he was a maintenance guy for Rover.

They then moved into the old kitchen area. They were photos and calling out. It was very cold. They then began glass divination on one of the old work surfaces. They connected witha a male spirit, he had worked in the kitchen in the RAF. They asked him to write the year with the glass, it wrote - 1961. He had worked there until then. They asked him to write his first name with the glass, it wrote - dale. They asked him to write his surname, he wrote - wivoe. The glass then began tapping. There were bangs around the room. Andy's face was then touched. Andy asked - Is wivoe a nickname? - YES He liked to be called wivoe. He was a cook, he was not in charge. He said there were other spirits present but would not say how many.

They then started collecting all the equipment and cameras. As they went for a camera, they decided to go back into the guard room. They closed the door. They stood in the dark, while Andy called out. Chris and Louise could heard talking, a distant conversation, they later found out that the other team had left the building, and the rest were in the hub, no where near the guard room. Taps and knocks were also heard in the room, and outside in the tunnel. Andy could feel tickling all over his face and head.

They then collected up the rest of the equipment and headed back to the hub.

2:00am:- Closing prayer of protection done by Andy. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected

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