Team Spiritz


Dog & Partridge :- 2nd April 2011

Team Spiritz were called to do this pub because all past and new landlords had experienced lots of paranormal activity and were interested in who or what was causing it


 10:40pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and were shown around the pub and living quarters. They then began setting up cameras and trigger objects while they waited for the pub to empty.

12:00am:- Investigation began with circle of protection in the living room, done by Andy, along with 4 residents of the pub. Andy began calling out. One of the men, Sonny, saw a shadow in the doorway. They moved into the bedroom where the laser wall was set up. Andy began calling out, the K2 metre began flashing when Sam was holding it in the middle of the room. Andy was picking up on a child, as soon as he said it, the K2 metre flashed at child height. Toys were then placed in the room, a teddy on the fireplace and a ball on the floor. Andy felt there was maybe two children present, he asked them to come and play with the toys, he then had a cold blast on his arm. He felt the little girl was named Jenny, she was aged 5/6. Sam then saw a shadow in the corner, child height. The team then left the room and asked the children to move the toys while they were out.

They then moved downstairs into the bar. Pete ( a guest) had the K2 and it was flashing to orange. Andy felt severe pressure in his head. He felt he was connecting with a male spirit who had had a brain hemorrhage. Pete then saw a shadow walk behind the bar.

12:40am:- They then began glass divination in the bar. The K2 metre was still flashing. Pete held it behind the bar and was touched on the back. Sam then saw movement behind the bar twice. On the glass, they connected with a male spirit, he didn't work here, he was not a landlord, but he was connected to the land, he was here before the pub was built. They asked him to write the year, he wrote - 1701. They asked him to write his name, he wrote - JOHN, he was not the same spirit Andy was picking up on earlier, there were more spirits present.

A different spirit then connected on the glass, he claimed to be connected to the male guests present. He said he was their grandad, so they asked some personal questions but the answers were wrong. He admitted to the team that he was messing around. 

All of the team then moved into the cellar. They stood around in a circle holding hands while Andy called out. A few noises were heard and cold spots felt but nothing major happened. They went back up inot the bar and decided to split up into two groups.

The men went into the bar and began calling out. Pete saw a shadow move across the bar. As they were not really getting anything, they moved into the gent's toilet, as activity had been reported in there previously. One of the guests tried scrying in the mirror, but got no response, so Andy tried, and he saw half of his face disappear.

Sam and Louise, and 3 guests went inot the bedroom with the laser wall. Sam began using her pendulum. She connected with a male spirit, a child, he was connected to the pub, he died in the pub when he was 5 years old. He was killed, he confirmed this by saying he did not die from an illness. His spirit touches people, he likes to play jokes on the people that live in the pub. They asked how long he had been dead, but couldn't get a reply, the team felt this was because he was only 5 years old, he didn't understand. He doesn't like it here, he's stuck, he wants to move towards the light. So they called the rest of the team upstaairs to join them. They started glass divination and connected with him straight away. He confirmed he wanted to move towards the light, so Andy encouraged him by asking him to move the glass in large circles, the circle was getting bigger and faster, and then stopped, he had gone.

They tried to connect on the glass again, and connected with a female spirit, a child, the one Andy sensed earlier. She was the sister of the little boy they had just passed over. She was 8 years old, she was grounded too. She was killed by a family member, male, her grandad. She died in 1774. There was a pub on this site before this one was built. There is another spirit downstairs but they are not connected. She wanted to be crossed over, she wanted to be with her brother, so Andy encouraged her to walk towards the light. The glass stopped.

Straight away, the glass started moving again, in a weird way, they asked if it was the children's grandad, but would not confirm this. Andy felt it was. It flet very negative, the team refused to help him and closed the glass down.

3:00am:- Closing circle of protection done by Andy in the living room. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected


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