Team Spiritz


Coventry Watch Museum :- 27th October 2012

Team Spiritz were invited to this location by S - P - I - T again to join them on their investigation of this historic location, we looked forward to working with the team again


8:45pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at Spon Street and entered the watch museum, where they were greeted by S.P.I.T. They had a safety talk and a circle of protection was done by Andy. Investigation began.

They entered into cottage one, where another group were already in there. They were shown into very derelict rooms upstairs of the cottage. Ian, a S.P.I.T medium, was picking up on a male spirit, he had dragged himself out of an old bed in the corner of the room, but he couldn't get down the stairs. Andy was also picking up on him, he had a long pointy nose and he felt he was in his 70's. Steve felt he was really ill, crawling across the floor, desperate for a drink. TB kept him in bed. He felt he was aged between 50 and 70. He said he was very pale and was wearing a nightshirt. He had been ill for a very long time. He felt it was pre-war time. Andy could see him younger, smartly dressed, maybe an undertaker? The left side of Andy's face suddenly became very hot. Andy and Ian were both then picking up on a female spirit, they felt she was residual energy. She was in her 70's, and they both felt that she had been the last resident of the cottage until the 1980's. Andy was then picking up on the image of a man, he was in an open area, a crossroads on Spon Street. He was in the stocks being punished. Andy felt it was 1527, and he was quite young. He was being punished for pinching a chicken!

9:50pm:- Tea Break

10:00pm:- The team moved into cottage two. Ian could see a black dog walking around. He was was also picking up on a female spirit, a big woman storming around. He felt her name was Annie, and she was from 1830 - 1900. She was a scullery maid. Andy was picking up on her also, she was in her 40's. She had 3 children, 2 boys and a girl. Andy felt like he had something round his neck. Ian and Andy were both picking up on a young boy, Andy felt his name was Tom. S.P.I.T decided to try using a franks box, Tom responded to it, but his answers were not clear.

10:45pm:- Tea Break

11:00pm:- Andy felt that Team Spiritz needed to go back into cottage two as he felt that Tom was holding back with lots of people in there, so fewer people would be better for him to communicate. Andy felt there was a male spirit present, his name was Micheal. Tom was scared of Micheal, he did odd jobs for him but he was treated badly, child labour. Andy felt a mc name was connected, maybe Scottish? Andy felt it was Micheal McNally. He would beat Tom by the cupboard area, under the stairs. He felt Micheal was in his late 40's and was something to do with a tailor. Annie, the female being picked up on earlier, was Micheal's maid.

They then headed back into cottage one and decided to do a seance. Sam heard movement behind her but there was no-one there, so moved around in the circle. Andy was picking up on a female spirit. He felt her name was Alice Matthews. He could see her at 3 stages of her life - young, middle aged and older, in her 60's. She was wearing a pinny, and a blue/grey dress. Andy felt like he was in her kitchen. She had died in her 60's.

12:15am:- Tea Break

12:30am:- After having a break in the museum, they decided to stay in the museum after all the other guests had gone into the cottages. 2 members of S.P.I.T stayed also. They decided to try glass divination. They connected with a female spirit after confirming the directions for yes and no. She confirmed she used to work there. Andy asked her to write her name with the glass, she wrote Sarah. (Andy had picked up on the same name earlier on). Andy then asked her to write the year she passed with the glass, she wrote 1607, and that she was 60 when she passed. She died of natural causes. The glass then started moving differently and confirmed a different spirit was present on the glass. It was another female spirit. She confirmed she knew Sarah. Andy felt a connection to an Inn/hotel, so he asked her if the building used to be an Inn, she said yes. She and Sarah were maids at the Inn. Andy felt she was a very bubbly person. She confirmed her initial was N. She confirmed her name was Norma. Andy asked her to write the age she died with glass, she wrote 67. She was originally from the area, but was not buried in the area. From the Scottish/ McNally connection earlier, she confirmed she had moved to Scotland and was buried there. She confirmed she knew Micheal, who the team connected with earlier, she went with Micheal to Scotland for his work. Micheal abused Tom and that was why they moved. Andy then asked her if she knew of the male spirit they had connected with upstairs of the first cottage, she confirmed she did, he was her uncle, but he died before she went to Scotland. She confirrmed that the team had got the story right. Andy asked her how many spirits were present, she said there was 8.

The glass began moving differently again, Sarah was back on the glass. She told the team she was not related to Norma, but they were very close, also in spirit. They had worked together at the Inn. Sarah had not married and she had no children. She died in the area. She missed Norma very much when she went to Scotland. Norma and Micheal had owned the Inn. She had stayed at the Inn when they moved to Scotland. She was left in charge of the Inn. The team could get no more information so decided to end the session. The team were very impressed with the amount of information they had got from the glass, and how the story fitted together.

1:30am:- Everyone started collecting up all the equipment. Closing prayer of protection was done by Andy. Investigation ended.


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