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Cannock Chase:- 3rd July 2010

Team Spiritz have decided to do investigations all around Cannock Chase and will be left as an open investigation to come to a full conclusion of its paranormal stories.

1st Investigation Castle Ring

Full Investigation Report

11:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at location and decided to walk around the ring to get a fell of the place before equipment was set up. They decided to venture into the woods, where Chris waited alone while the rest of the team went back to the car to fetch the equipment.

11:20pm:- Team arrived back in the woods with Chris, where he had heard something move to the right of him, a rustling movement, he felt scared, which is unlike Chris!! The team immediately looked at Chris's camera and movement could be heard at the same time as an orb appeared.

11:30pm:- Circle of protection done by Tracey. The group the held a seance, a mist and small flashing lights were seen by most of the team. The team then started glass divination with Tracey, Sam, Andy and Margaret on the glass. They connected with a male spirit, Margaret felt his name was Edward, the glass confirmed this. It also confirmed the following - His ashes are scattered in the woods, he died in 1856, he was murdered in battle but not in the woods, he took part in and died in the battle of Marston Moore, he was Welsh. They asked him to spell out his surname with the glass. It spelt out - FOCOEQUIE. as this sounds like he was saying 'fuck you', the team felt that the spirit was messing around with them. He admitted he likes to play jokes. He was a well educated man.

A female spirit then connected on the glass. She didn't like the nacklace that Tracey had put underneath the glass, the team had come across the spirit before, she had followed them from the Himley Plantation, she was the Witch.

12:30am:- The group moved further into the woods and onto a path. Tracey and Margaret both started using Pendulums and asked - Are there any spirits presents? - YES   Are you a male spirit? - YES  Did you die in the woods? - YES   Are you the same spirit from the glass? - YES    On Tracey's Pendulum - female spirit, she was connected to the woods, she came to the woods when she was alive, she passed away some time ago. Andy and Steve then heard breathing. While watching the moon, Louise and Tracey saw something move across the bottom of the moon.

1:00am:- The team then moved out of the woods, back onto the castle ring, and started glass divination. They connected with a female spirit, she worked at the fort, she was a servant girl and cook. Tracey felt there was something wrong with her eye, and the girl confirmed she was born with an eye defect. She was treated nasty because of the eye, was kept out of sight in the fort. She was 25 years old and died in the 18th century. She did'nt like talking to the team, she thought they were enemies.

The team then briefly connected with a male spirit, he was connected to the fort, he was hung, Staffordshire court, he died 1800's.

1:30am:- closing prayer of protection done. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected




History Of Cannock Chase

Cannock chase  is an area made up of a mixture of natural deciduos woodland, coniferous plantations, open heathland. On 16th September 1958 the area cannock chase was designated " Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty".

The wooded area holds many histric sights. On the outskirts theres Shugborough Hall. The castle ring, Iron Age Hill Fort. A german and commonwealth war memorials can also be visted.


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