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Black Boy Hotel :- 28th May 2011

Team Spiritz were invited to this very old hotel to conduct an investigation, with so much history to the locaton we couldn't refuse


9:30pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location, and were greeted by the owner. He showed the team around the place, telling them where they could investigate and giving them the keys to the rooms. As they went into the Barn, Andy was picking up on the image of a female crouching down, like she was cowering, as a male spirit was lunging over the top of her, beating her. She was wearing a long black dress, he was wearing a long dark jacket, Andy felt he was someone important. Alot of the doors in the place were stiff to open, and the floor boards were creaky, so they made a note of this to refer to during the investigation. The team then decided to sit in the bar area and have a drink, and have a team meeting, also decided where to put all the equipment. They decided on the following -

Room 6 - Trigger object of a cross and a teddy bear, and a video camera

Room 7 - Trigger object of a cross and a video camera

Room 8 - Trigger object and a video camera

Cellar - Laser wall and a video camera

Barn - Trigger object of a cross and a video camera. The barn was also the team's base camp for the investigation.

They then began setting up all the equipment and trigger objects. As they walked into room 7, everyone noticed that the bathroom door was open, which had been shut on the walkaround, and the door had been locked behind them.

11:30pm:- Investigation began in room 8 with a circle of protection done by Andy. Andy was picking up on the image of a woman. She was wearing a black dress, like a maid's outfit. He felt the name Elizabeth, but he wasn't sure if that was her name, or if it was the Elizabethan era. He could see her dress was long, it was straight at the top, and flowery at the bottom. Louise then felt pressure in her nose, while the rest of the team felt touching on their face and neck, like an itching feeling. Andy felt the woman had died of suffocation and that the team were feeling the effects of it. Sam felt light headed, like she was drunk. She also saw a flash of white light in the mirror, no lights were in the room at all, and car headlights were not showing through the curtains.

11:45am:- The team then moved into room 7. As  Sam still felt a bit odd, she sat in the chair in the corner. Room 8 had been very very dark, but room 7 seemed to be much lighter, even though it had the same windows.It also felt much more relaxed in room 7. Andy began calling out, asking spirit to move the cross trigger object. Andy and Chris then tried the dowsing rods, but could not get definite answers from them. They both just kept moving in the same direction, pointing above the bed, which Andy felt used to be an old doorway.

12:00am:- The team then moved into room 6. Andy was picking up on the image of 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl. Andy had also sensed them on the walkaround. Chris was taking photos of a teddy bear that had been set up as a trigger object, when he got poked under his armpit. The temperature in the room then dropped dramatically. Andy felt that the children were in a much later time period than the female spirit he picked up on earlier. He felt that the beds in the room would have been set out in a very similar way. Andy was using the laser thermometre, and asked the children to touch the red dot, the reading dropped from 19.4 to 18.9. Andy felt the children's ages were 3, 6 and 8. The oldest was a girl, possibly named Alice. He felt the youngest was a boy named Jacob. Chris was sitting on the bed wher he had been touched earlier, and he felt like someone was messing with his shoelaces. Sam then saw movement in the mirror behind Chris. Andy felt the youngest one was mischevious, the middle one quiet. Chris held some money out in his hand, and asked the children to come and touch it. Andy felt the year connected to the children was 1838.

12:30am:- The team went down into the cellar, but as it was so cold and noisy down there, decided to move into the barn.

12:40pm:- Barn. They began by calling out and taking photos. Sam caught a white glow on camers, which she saw in the flash as she took it, at the same time, Louise thought someone was stood next to her but there was no one there. They then tried table tipping but got no movement, but the k2 metre in the middle of the table flashed up to red. They then began glass divination. They connected with a male spirit, it was not his property, the glass kept moving to Louise, he confirmed she reminds him of someone he knew. He doesn't know the spirit Andy was picking up on earlier in the walkaround. He was connected to the building, didn't live there, he worked there when it was a house, he was an important person in a big house. The temperature then dropped. They asked him to write the year with glass, it wrote - 1838, the same year Andy said earlier. He confirmed he was connected to the 3 children, they were his. He confirmed the girl's name was Alice, and that she was 8 years old. He said the youngest was not Jacob, the middle one was. His wife did not work at the house. He is grounded, but the children are not, they are happy. He was connected to the church. The glass then moved to the k2 metre, as it did, the lights flashed to red. They then asked him to write his name with glass, it wrote - oi. The glass then stopped moving. 

1:20am:- All of the team moved back up into room 8. They began glass divination. They connected with a female spirit, she didn't live there, she used to drink theere, she died in the pub, she said she was murdered in room 4, but she didn't know who had murdered her. She didn't like Andy, she wanted him off the glass, and wanted Louise to talk. The glass moved to the k2 metre, and again, it flashed to red.

1:50am:- They then into room 6, and Sam began using her pendulum. She connected with a male spirit, an adult, he was not connected to the building, he was connected to the land, after counting, he confirmed he was from the 18th century. He had worked on the land, he was a slave.

2:10am:- The team then went down into the bar. They began glass divination. They connected with a male spirit, he was not connected to the pub or the land. He confirmed he was connected to the barman. Andy went through all males it could be, but would not say which. The glass then moved around the table, pointing to all of the team. Sam suggested he was connected to the team, he confirmed this. He said he was from another investigation they had done. Andy said all the investigations from 2011, but the glass did not move, the team decided that spirits were messing around, so decided to end it. As they were finishing, Andy saw a black shape move behind him, in front of the window, but there was no one there.

Andy and Chris then went to collect up all the equipment, while Sam and Louise took photos in the bar. Sam took photos of where Andy had seen the black shape, and an orb was caught in the same place.

2:45am:- Closing prayer of protection done by Andy. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected

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