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Bewdley Museum :-  6th September 2014

Team Spiritz were contacted by this location to investigate further into their paranormal activity that had been reported by staff and visitors for many years, we heard this location was such a nice place which is heaped with history, so we couldn't refuse.






8:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and were met by 4 people who worked at the museum. They were shown into the office that they used as a base for the evening. They then began to walk around the museum, deciding where to put equipment and trigger objects. As they walked up the Alleyway to the foundry, Andy had a sense of dragging, as he moved further down, he had a vision of 2 men pulling a body down the Alleyway. As they  made their way back to the base, Dave was picking up on a young boy named Samuel in one of the cells. As they walked up the courtyard, Karen felt there was a man in a window above (the guildhall), looking down and saying "Get Out!". He would have been a boss. He was watching people. They then went upstairs into the guildhall. Andy did a circle of protection. Sam felt dizzy and had pressure in her ears and everything went very loud. It also continued as they walked back downstairs.

They all moved into the outside shop area and decided to try glass divination. Sam had still got pressure in her ears. The glass began to move slowly, very faint. They connected with a male spirit, an adult. He confirmed he had died on the premises. They asked him to point the glass to where he was standing, the glass moved to between Karen and Ross (worker at the museum). They asked him to write the year he had passed with the glass, he wrote - 1841 and confirmed this. Charlie felt the number 59 was connected, but that was  not his age when he passed. He confirmed he had passed working in the saw mill. Andy and Sam heard and saw something in the doorway by the saw mill. Sam asked if he was affecting her ears, but he said he wasn't. He said it was another spirit affecting her, but he could not ask the spirit to stop doing it. They asked him how many spirits were present in the building, and began counting. The glass moved at 17!! And they were all active. They had all worked in the saw mill. The glass was pointing all around the table. They asked him if he was glad the team were there, he said no. He likes watching Ross work. He didn't mean the team any harm, he was not going to hurt them. He thinks Ross is a hard worker. They asked him to write the age he passed with the glass, he wrote - 64, and then confirmed it. Charlie felt someone poke her shoulder. He was happy to be there, but he was shy and doesn't make himself known to the public. Someone touched Charlie's shoulder, but he said it wasn't him. The motion sensors then went off for no reason. The glass started moving differently. A different spirit had come onto the glass, another male, Andy felt he had come through the motion sensor, he confirmed this, and the noise hadn't scared him. He didn't die there, he was in visitation. Andy felt the name Eddie was connected, but this was not confirmed. All of the k2 metres went to red. Some personal information then came through for one of the workers of the museum that the team feel that they cannot publish.

All of the team then went into the school room. They all sat on chairs and did some calling out. An empty chair next to Ross clicked twice. Sam and Karen thought someone was standing in the doorway. Ross saw a shadow move across the back wall. They went to stand in the doorway and Karen had goosebumps. Andy felt like he was trapped. He flet enclosed but didn't know why. Karen was picking up on a short spirit, maybe a child. She felt the spirit would have been bricked up in the wall. Andy felt they were incarcerated alive. The k2 metre next to Dave and Ross was flashing to red. They moved back into the school room, but as they looked back at the doorway, it went really black, then lighter again, so Sam and Karen went back to the doorway. Karen had goosebumps again.

They all then moved into the foundry and decided to try doing a séance. Andy began to call out. Andy had the image of a young boy from the school room, he felt he was no older than 6 years old. He felt he would have been a chimney sweep. Dave was also picking up on him, he felt he had choked on a plum stone! Dave could see  him wearing a flat cap, a neckerchief, waistcoat, a dirty suit and a dirty white shirt. Karen felt he may have fallen down the chimney and died, hence the bricked in the wall feeling. The k2 metres started flashing. Everyone heard a rustling noise, then all of the k2 metres went to red and stayed there. Dave had to leave the room as he felt the young boy was affecting him, and as he left, the k2 metres stopped. Sam went out to him, and Dave felt he had followed him out into the Alleyway. As Dave walked back into the room, all of the k2 metres went back to red, Dave felt him follow him back in again. They asked him to affect the k2 metres if he wanted the team to help him pass over to the light, they all went to red. So they set up a table and glass and helped him move to the light. The room instantly felt different. Charlie felt the name Richard was connected.

Break - During the break, they went into the outside café area, by the saw mill. As they were sat talking, noises could be heard coming from behind the walls.

They all then decided to move into the cells. They split into 2 groups and went into each cell. They began glass divination in one of the cells. On the glass were - Andy, Dave, Ross and Jube. Everyone introduced themselves. The glass began to move and confirmed yes and no. They connected with a male spirit. He had not been locked in the cell. He confirmed he was a child, younger than 10. When they counted, the glass moved at 9. He said he knew the year he passed, and confirmed he could write numbers,so they asked him to write the year with the glass, he wrote - 1066. They asked him if he had been in the Battle of Hastings, he said yes! they asked him if he was messing around with the team, he said he wasn't, and all the information was correct. They asked him to write his name with the glass, he wrote - bawd. Charlie felt dizzy. He said there were no other spirits present, and he liked being there. He was made to fight in battle. He confirmed he had been trying to spell Bewdley. He was attached to an item in the museum. They couldn't get any more definite information so they ended the session.

They all then moved into the office. They began to call out. All of the k2 metres were flashing to red. Andy was picking up on a young girl. He was seeing either an older image of her or it was her mom. She was quite well to do. The name Alice or Alex (Alexandra) was connected. The k2 metre next to Andy was flashing but the others were not. Andy could see her wearing a long flowy yellow dress with a white trim and puffy sleeves. Andy asked Alison if things go missing,  she said they did, and Andy felt that she does it. All of the k2 metres went to red to confirm it. Dave was picking up on the name Beatrice.

They all then moved upstairs into the Guildhall. They tried using Dave's spirit box but they couldn't get any answers from it. Charlie was picking up on the name Lucifer!

Sam then tried using her pendulum to get some communication. Sam asked for spirit to come forward and move the pendulum. It started moving and confirmed yes and no answers. She connected with a male spirit. He used to work in the building, in the saw mill. Sam asked if the team had already communicated with him,  he said no. She asked him if his name was Lucifer, he said no. She asked if his name was Eddie, he said yes. They asked him if he had walked through the motion sensor earlier and made the alarm go off, and the pendulum did not move. Sam could get no more answers so they decided to call it a night.

They began to collect up all of the equipment and trigger objects, one of the crosses had moved.

Andy did a closing prayer of protection. Investigation ended.


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