Team Spiritz


Aston Manor Transport Museum :- 4th June 2011

 Team Spiritz were priviledged to be the very first paranormal investigation team to conduct an investigation in this 130 year old building.

A Baseline Test was conducted on this investigation by Andy & Chris

All areas had no EMF Readings - Lowest Temp 16.9c - Highest Temp 18c



9:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location, along with guests Kevin and Tina Crook. They were greeted by Richard Grey, who showed them into the place, and they all entered the cafe area, which was the team's base camp for the evening. The team then began to have a look around the place, deciding where to put cameras and trigger objects. As they were walking through the buses, Louise heard someone walking behind them, she heard a noise that sounded like chains, but there was no one there. As Sam was standing at the side of one particular bus, Louise was taking photos at the front of it, Sam saw a black shape above the driver's seat move downwards, as if someone had sat in the seat. Sam and Louise decided to be brave and walked onto the bus, up to the driver's seat, but the atmosphere was so intense, they could not go any further, and had to get off the bus.

Sam and Louise decided to put a trigger object of a cross on one of the red london buses, coins on the back of the milk float, a cross on the bonnet of the old ambulance. They also decided to put a cross on the bus they had just felt the atmosphere on, the rest of the team were in the cafe, but as they were setting up the cross, there was a loud bang coming from inside the bus, then about 30 seconds later, there was another one.

While Tina had been in the cafe, she was sensing spirit children. She was picking up on it being like a school room. A bag on the table had moved on its own, and the zip had been swinging. She had also heard several taps in one corner. She was picking up on a boy named Stuart, he was 9 years old.

9:45pm:- Investigation started with a circle of protection done in the cafe. Knocks were heard in the corner again during the protection. Andy moved into teh corner and asked for another knock, and got 2 straight away. The k2 metre started flickering. There was another tap behind Sam and Louise. Andy was picking up on the image of an old man, he looked like Scrooge! Tina said the boy she was picking up on, Stuart, was well groomed, his dad had told him to wait there while he was on business. Tina then went cold, and there was a tap while she was talking. Andy and Tina then heard footsteps. Another tap was heard and the k2 continued to flicker. Tina felt like she was being pushed forward.

10:00pm:- All of the team then moved into the old tram depot. Andy was picking up on the name Harold, but he wasn't sure if it was connected to a bus or the spirit that looked like Scrooge. Kevin then flashed his torch into the driver's seat of the bus that Sam had seen the black shape. Sam asked him why he had shone his torch in, and he said he has seen an old man sitting in the driver's seat. Kevin had not been told what Sam had saw earlier on. All of the team then entered the bus. Andy, Louise and Sam went upstairs, while Tina, Kevin and Chris stayed downstairs. Upstairs, they all heard what sounded like someone follow them up the stairs, but no one did. Downstairs, Tina was poked, she believed it was a child, possibly Stuart. Andy then decided to sit in the driver's seat. He felt very angry. He was sensing the year 1956. The k2 metre was spiking. The name of the bus was - Daimler CLG5.

Chris, Sam and Louise then moved into another bus, called Guy Arab LUF. They were calling out, asking for things to happen. Sam saw a shape come up to the windscreen, like a face peering in with an arm above their head. When they went to investigate, there were no other investigators in the area.

Sam and Louise then entered a West Midlands Travel bus, and they both agreed it was the type of bus they remembered as children. They went upstairs and sat in the front seats, as they did when they were children. Chris got on the downstairs of the bus and began calling out, asking for knocks and bangs. Sam felt and heard atap on the back of her chair. About a minute later there was another tap. A bit freaked out by it, they got off. Andy was stood outside the Daimler bus, and he saw an orb with his own eyes move up from the floor.

10:50pm:- All of the team then got onto a red London bus. A strange noise was heard by everyone, coming from the aisle, but no one could describe what sort of noise it was. Louise then felt and heard a thud on the seat next to her. The k2 metre was spiking. Andy then began using Dowsing rods, he connected with a female spirit, she was not a conductress. A few team members heard footsteps walk down the bus. Louise kept hearing noises but she thought Chris was making them, but he wasn't. Chris moved away, but she could still hear the noises coming from the seat. Andy then saw someone walk past the bus window outside.

The owner had previously told Chris that there was one particular bus that had been involved in fatalities. Chris had not told the rest of the team, but he now took them to the bus. Sam, Louise and Kevin entered the bus while Tina and Chris stayed outside. As they entered the bus they noticed a funny smell, like burning. Andy had been doing psychometry on the Daimler bus, he then joined the rest of them on the bus. He had picked up on the driver of the Daimler, his name was Alfred Thompson, he was still feeling his anger. Andy moved down to the back of the bus on his own. Louise then saw someone sat in the driver's seat, as she turned round to tell Andy, she saw a shadow sat next to Andy. Andy was picking up on the image of a little old lady, she was carrying a brown shopping bag and a walking stick. She was wearing a floral dress and a cardigan. They all then walked out of the bus, and Tina was standing in front of the bus, she had wanted to join them on the bus but she wasn't able to physically. Something was stopping her. She was picking up on the image of a male. His surname was Chambers. He was a mechanic working on the bus when something fell on him, and burnt the left hand side of his face. He was slim build with black/grey hair, he was wearing a boiler suit. This, and the smell on the bus could be connected.

All of the team then moved onto the open top bus. Everyone went upstairs while Andy stayed downstairs. tina felt very sick. The temperature then dropped. Bangs were heard from the inside of the bus, then it sounded like someone had got on the bus and was walking up the stairs. The bus was rocking and no one had moved. Andy was calling out downstairs and was getting knocks in response, so Louise joined him. They both heard what sounded like someone sitting on the chair, the air escaping from it. Louise then saw a shadow stood by the stairs.

11:45pm:- They then had a break in the cafe area

12:00am:- As Tina felt there were children present in the cafe, Andy set up a ball in the middle of the table. All other team members confirmed it was perfectly still, but as he walked off, the ball flew off the table. They then decided to try glass divination, they connected with a male child, he confirmed he had pushed the ball off the table. A knock was then heard in the corner and a tap by the window. He said he was 9 years old. Tins asked if it was Stuart, as she spoke, the k2 spiked, he confirmed he was Stuart. He also confirmed he had waiting there while his dad was on business. There was another tap in the corner and the temperature dropped dramatically. They asked him to write the year with the glass, it wrote - 1962. The glass then went to the k2 metre, it was flashing up to red, 5 lights (maximum). Another tap was heard in the corner. The k2 metre was continuing to flash, but stopped when Chris tried to take a photo of it! The glass then began moving differently, confirmed a different spirit was on the glass. It was a female spirit. She was the old lady Andy had picked up on earlier. They asked where she was stood, the glass pointed next to Andy. She was not grounded. She confirmed there had been a fire on the bus, she was hurt, she died from her injuries from the fire. They asked her to write the year of the fire with the glass, it wrote - 1956. They then asked her to write her name with the glass, it wrote - olive. The glass then stopped moving so the team decided to end the investigation.

1:00am:- Andy and Chris started collecting all the cameras, while Sam and Louise collected the trigger objects. The cross on the Daimler bus had moved, and the cross on teh ambulance bonnet had moved significantly.

Closing prayed of protection done by Andy. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected

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