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Quotes The team left the house in very good order nothing was disturbed, except me when they told me what they had found. Many thanks for all the interesting information. Many of our past and future guest's may find this helpful. Quotes
Nicky Edwards
House Keeper of The Manor House

Quotes I would like to say a massive Thank you for Saturday night! Team Spiritz are a professional, friendly and very helpful team, with great knowledge and genuine interest in the paranormal, we had a fantastic experience always felt safe and protected. Great responses to the glass divination and trigger objects, and were very accurate on previous stories and accounts, highly recommended! Staff Bewdley Museum Quotes
Bewdley Museum

Quotes we really enjoyed Saturday night, it has made the house feel a lot calmer, and we don't mind the spirit children, very professionally done, impressed with everything written down as happened, very nice team, friendly and put you at ease, it is a bit scary afterall knowing you share your home with 'the others', we will certainly put the team forward if anyone we know has a similar problem, thanks guys, you're the best... Quotes
Jenny Purcell

Quotes I would like to thank Team Spiritz for carrying out an investigation at my Grand-Mother's house and for getting to the bottom of all the strange going's on that occurred within the house. They were able to answer questions that we had and were very professional and reliable. I would definately recommend them to anyone who would need their services. Quotes
Louise Clitheroe

Quotes I just want to say a big thank you to the team for attending my Mother?s house last weekend. My partner and I had been experiencing strange happenings for a number of months by way of footsteps and doors being knocked in the house. It was getting to the stage where my partner did not want to be in the house alone. The team attended and put our mind at ease with an explanation of what would take place that evening. Although some of the equipment did not give the readings that I expected we appeared to get a response from some glass divination work. Andy helped one of the mischievous spirits move on and we received quite a shocking piece of news from another. The team were professional and very respectful of my Mothers home. I would highly recommend anyone who has experienced something similar to contact Team Spiritz. The service is free so what do you have to lose?? Quotes
Andy Willis

Quotes Having worked at Ye Olde Punchbowl for nearly thirteen years with two proprietors there have been some significant changes in recent years and I must admit there are some strange anomalies and a lot of staff including myself have witnessed supernatural events, I was taken back during the investigation how much activity there was and the presence of such paranormal activity. I have always been nervous locking up the pub of my own but after this investigation it as given me a new perspective! Team Spiritz were a pleasure to deal with and have left a great impression on all our staff. Would recomend them to all and are welcome back anytime. Quotes
Adam & Mike

Quotes Team Spiritz were recommended to me by a relative and although I was scared when they first came I was soon put at ease by their true professionalism, I was even able to take part in contacting my spirit via a glass, it was an extremely fascinating evening and I no longer feel threatened . I would highly recommend Team Spiritz if you are experiencing any odd things happening at home or work. Thanks guys for a job very well done Quotes
Lesley and Heather

Quotes When I sought the professional help of Team Spiritz, I did so with a sense of unease. The last thing I wanted was to waste peoples time and to be thought of as weird. I'm content that I did seek their support. For months id been plagued with strange goings on in my home, until I found Team Spiritz online. The Team had a very productive evening by making contact with the long dead husband of the previous tenant of my home, which would've be enough by itself, but the Team went further by learning the reasons for his persistence. These turned out to be things we could all identity with. These findings made a lot of sense and answered some nagging questions I'd had for some time. The Team were able to help 'Herbert' move on to where he needed to be. Which I found quite emotional after I'd given it some thought, now my home now feels different. I'm very grateful to Team Spiritz. If you have something in your home and you want it gone, or just have questions answered, call Team Spiritz Quotes
Lee Morgan

Quotes The Millward Family would like to thank to all the team for investigating our home on the 8-6-2013, it was a real eye opener for me, so good at what the do would highly recommend many thanks once again to Andy - Dave - Jo -Charlie and John. Quotes
John Millward

Quotes HI Everyone, First off all i just want to say a massive thank you to every member of the team and to Kevin and Tina who came to our home and helped us out a great deal. Me and my partner where having wierd unexplanable things happeneing in our home, we contacted Team Spiritz and they where on our door step that same night. The whole team are lovely and friendly people. They all know what they are doing and we felt completly safe with them. Everything they did was professional and correct they didn't just come looking for a laugh they came out of the goodness in their hearts to help us. Every member of the team stayed until the investigation was complete. Id reccomend Team Spiritz to everyone i know. Thank you to every member of the team we hope to stay in touch with all of you Great experiance and fantastic team We will defo be joining you on future investigations Thanks again Quotes
Luke and Charlotte
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