Team Spiritz


Amblecote Snooker Club :- 11th December 2010

Team Spiritz were invited to attend and take part in a quiz at the location, followed by an investigation. The team are pleased to say they came 2nd place in the quiz, GO TEAM SPIRITZ!!

when everyone else had left the building, Team Spiritz began their investigation.

11:40pm:- They began setting up equipment and trigger objects. No readings were showing on the EMF metre, except for the men's toilets where it was reading 1.5mg, it was also a very cold room. As they were setting up, Tracey was taking temperature readings around the snooker table and noticed a drop in temperature of 2 degrees.

12:00am:- Investigation began with Circle of Protection done by Tracey in the snooker room. Andy began calling out, and straight away, loud knocks were heard coming from the direction of the men's toilet, Louise and Steve went to investigate and realised it was not coming from there as the noises were still being heard in the snooker room. Andy asked for 4 louder knocks and got them. The noises were then coming from all around the room and were responding when calling out. Louise and Tracey felt a cold breeze around the first snooker table.

The team then moved into the snug and began glass divination. They connected with a male spirit, he didn't drink here, he used to work at the location when it was a workhouse, he is a young boy, aged 10, Andy felt he was from 1900's. He also felt 1923 was connected to him, but as the team know the snooker hall has been here since 1908, this could not be right. Spirit were messing with the team, the glass began zig-zagging across the table, then fiercely shot to Steve,at the same time, his hand held video camera switched off. Andy, Margaret and Louise then saw a black shadow move across the window. All of the team then heard a whistle and a loud bang, but did not know where they came from.

They then connected with a different male spirit, the team had spoken to him before, at The Starving Rascal, which is at the top of the road. The team asked him to move the glass at the month of the year they investigated The Starving Rascal, and the glass moved at April, which is correct. He used to walk through the location, it was a path leading to The Starving Rascal. Whistles were then heard. A light was then seen between Tracey and Steve, he confirmed that's where he was standing. He does not like Andy or Steve. Every time Andy spoke, the glass fiercely shot towards him!

They then moved upstairs into the games room and tried the glass again, but was still making no sense. Andy heard a growl coming from downstairs and had a sick feeling. The glass started to move more aggressively so they decided to end it.

1:45am:- After a short break, they decided to try the glass in the snooker room. They connected with a male spirit, he was connected to the team. They asked him to spell out his name with the glass, it spelt - T.O.M.M.Y. It was Steve's dad. They then asked him to write his age with the glass, it wrote - 74, this was correct. It then spelt out - S.O.N. Noises could be heard all around the room.

They then wrote team mebers names down and put them, hidden, around the table, and asked the glass to choose groups to split up into.

Sam and Tracey went into the games room, Andy and Steve stayed in the snooker room and Louise and Margaret went into a room upstairs.

Louise and Margaret beagn calling out and could hear the same noises that could be heard earlier on, but still do not know what it is, or where it came from. Andy went into the snug alone and did some EVP's with the voice recorder, and asked spirit to touch other members of the team.

Sam and Tracey beagn table tipping in the games room, the table started vibrating, but felt they needed more people to get more energy going, so they called Louise and Margaret to join them. The table then started moving more vigourously, almost rocking. Tracey and Sam were then touched on the back of their legs. Andy and Steve then joined then, and Andy told them he had asked spirit to touch Tracey's leg. The table then began moving more vigourously. Funny noises were then heard twice.

3:00am:- Closing Prayer of Protection done by Tracey in the snooker room. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected

History of  Amblecote Snooker Club

In 2008 Amblecote Snooker Club celebrated its 100th year in the building. The building it self dates back further  than this but has spent most of its life as a snooker club. Over the years only slight renovation work has been carried out on the club and the building has still maintained most if not all its orginal features. The club boats five snooker tables, bar, snug area and a small room above the bar that is used for anything from meetings to  art classes.

Over the years many known names from the snooker world have passed throu the doors for a game or two.

Reported ghostly goings on are of a cat that is said to walk up and down the snooker hall and not many players enjoy using table two as they find it a diffcult table to use, perhaps the orbs caught around this table could hold the reason why?


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