Team Spiritz


Amblecote Institute :- 1st October 2011

 Team Spiritz were invited back to this location to do further investigation, we couldn't refuse to investigate this old snooker hall again


After joining in the quiz night, the team stayed after everyone else had left, for an investigation.


11:45pm:- Circle of protection done in the main snooker hall by Andy. Investigtion began. Everyone was watching the laptop, there were many orbs and lights. Andy began calling out. The CCTV camera moved when Andy walked past, he tried jumping around, etc. around the camera, but couldn't get it to move again. All of the team then moved into the snug. Andy began to call out. He asked spirit to make the temperature drop on the thermometre, it dropped from 21.4 to 19.7. He then asked for it to drop to 19.0, it dropped to 19.2, 19.1, then 18.9. They then decided to try glass divination. They connected with a male spirit, an adult, he was connected to the club, he didn't die recently, he died of natural causes. Andy then asked him towrite the year he died with the glass, he wrote - 1, then nothing else, he had gone. They tried again, and connected with another male spirit, he was not connected to the club, he was maybe connected to the area, he said he was an adult. Everyone then heard a whistle, he confirmed it was him that did it. Louise's arm then went freezing cold. He said he was connected to the team, he had spoken to the team before, but not at this location, another one, but not The Starving Rascal either. The glass then began tapping. He was then answering lots of questions with maybe as the answer. He also kept pointing to an empty space at the table.

They then decided to try using Sam's pendulum to try and get more information. She connected with a female spirit, not connected to the building. Andy was picking up on the name Margaret, so Sam asked her if that was her name, she said yes. She confirmed that she knew she was dead, but was not grounded., she was just visiting, and had come to give the team a message. The message was for someone who plays snooker at the club. Sam went through the alphabet and asked her to move the pendulum at the initial of the person who the message was for, it moved at the letter N. The surname initial was J. She confirmed she did not die of natural causes, she had an illness. She was not related to N.J, just a friend, and he would know who she was. Margaret's inital of her surname was S.

1:10am:- Everyone then moved into the dominoes/darts room. Photos were taken, and Andy began calling out. Andy was picking up on a young child, a boy, age 7, he had mousy brown hair. Something/something then touched Andy's right ear. They then decided to try table tipping. There was slight vibration in the table, but was only felt by Sam and Andy, Louise and Chris could not feel it. Everyone then touched fingers around the table, and Andy asked spirit to come to the centre of the table and make the K2 metre spike. Louise could hear music, then an intake of breath, like a whistle. Andy and Sam heard footsteps in the corner of the room, a groan coming from downstairs, then a dragging noise. Louise then went very cold, she felt like someone was standing over her.

2:00am:- Everyone then moved into the office. Photos were taken, and Andy began to call out. Sam threw the ball, and asked the spirit of the young boy to throw it back, but it didn't. Andy then had a cold blast up his left arm. Andy felt the young boy's name was Tom.

2:15am:- They all then moved back down into the snooker room and watched the laptop for a while. There were many lights and orbs recorded.

2:30am:- They began collecting up all the equipment. Closing prayer of protection was done by Andy. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected



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