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Alton Towers 2nd Investigation :- 5th April 2014

Team Spiritz were again invited to do another investigation at the amazing Alton Towers alongside Staffordshire Paranormal Investigation Team, as we had such good responses at our first visit, we took this opportunity to see what we could discover  again.
8:45pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and were met by the rest of S.P.I.T and entered the chapel (the hub for the evening). S.P.I.T gave everyone a safety talk and sent everyone off into their groups.
10:00pm:- Team Spiritz were sent up onto the roof, the highest point of the mansion. Andy did a circle of protection. They began to call out. Charlie felt drawn to the next level roof down, she was sensing an angry, pissed off man. They decided to move down to the next level to see if she could pick up on more. Andy was picking up on the name Carl or Carly. He was also getting the surname Drake. Sam and Charlie then heard a dragging noise coming from the staircase. Charlie kept trying to communicate with the angry man, but he was just telling her no. He was just going about his business, being angry with someone or something. John thought he could smell the sea. Charlie felt the angry man had a worked up stress headache, his head really hurt. He didn't want the team up there. They then decided to try table tipping, there was no movement but while they were doing it, John felt and heard something hit his bag strap, everyone else heard it too. Andy asked for it to happen again, but it didn't. They then decided to move into one of the rooms a level down, the pugin rooms. Andy was then picking up on the name Annabel, and again, the surname Drake. Andy felt they were connected (from Carl/Carly earlier). Andy could smell a roast dinner cooking. Dave's k2 metre started going off. Everyone heard a knock in the corner, and Dave's k2 metre went up to red.
After the break, all of the team went outside. As they got to the top of the steps, Louise began to feel sick and had a sharp pain in the back of her head and could taste blood in her mouth. Charlie also started to feel the same. Andy also felt sick. Charlie was picking up on the fight and murder that they picked up on last time. She felt it was a male spirit in his mid 30's. He was trying to walk / crawl away with blood in his mouth. She felt he had an injury to the abdomen, internal bleeding. Louise still felt sick, felt like she was going to cough up blood. It was all connected to a fight. The taste in Charlie's mouth was getting worse. Sam picked up on the name Edward. Charlie had a sharp pain in her abdomen. Sam, Charlie and Louise heard movement / rustling behind them, they thought that John and Dave had come down to join them, but they hadn't, and they couldn't work out what the noise was. It then started to rain, so they headed back into the hub and decided to try glass divination. Two of the k2 metres were flashing to red, then a third one went to red aswell. Charlie felt a cold blast, and the glass moved to where she felt it. The glass began to move, but stopped as people came into the room. They decided to stop the glass and try to get some communication through the k2 metres. They asked to flash to red if a female spirit was present, and it didn't. They asked if a male spirit was present, and it went to red. They asked if it was the male spirit connected to the girls murder, it went to red. It was then confirmed he was the male murderer of the young girl they had picked up on outside, who had been pushed from the roof. They asked him if he meant to murder her, and it flashed to red. They asked if it was intentional, again it went to red. They asked if adultery was involved, and got no answer. They got no more responses so ended the session.
They then entered Hex the ride, with another team, and went to opposite ends of the ride. Team Spiritz went to the entrance end of the ride, and set up a camera, took photos, and did some calling out. Nothing seemed to be happening so they went up a bit further, and threw a marble and asked for it to be thrown back. in the middle section of the ride, (where ride videos are played), k2 metres started going off.
They then changed places with the other team and went up further towards the ride. They stood by the steps and did some calling out. They got no responses and were quite disappointed as Hex was very interesting on the last visit.
They then entered the kitchen area, and headed down towards the tunnel. As they were walking, the k2 metres were going to red. Everyone heard footsteps behind them. There was an uneasy feeling. Andy felt there was a connection to the murdered young girl again, and felt she may have been took to the tunnel, and was raped.
They went inside to the kitchen area and Andy began to call out, and the k2 metres started flashing. Andy felt it was a servants area, as he said it, Charlie felt something touch her leg. Andy heard a thud by the door.
They then headed up into the pantry area. The area had been very active and interesting on the last investigation during glass divination, so they decided to try some different communication through table tipping. They could not get the table to move. They also tried with just females on the table, but still no response. They tried doing some calling out, but still got no response, so they decided to call it a night.
Andy did a closing prayer of protection. Investigation ended.


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