Team Spiritz


Acton Arms :- 29th October 2011

Team Spiritz were invited to this location to investigate who or what resides there, with the history of this location being one of the most pubs in the country we couldn't refuse


11:15pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and were shown around the pub by the owner. They decided to use the restaurant as the hub for the evening, and began setting up the CCTV cameras and laptop, to go live. Trigger objects were also et up in the cellar, restaurant entrance, the hub, and on an old fireplace in the oldest part of the restaurant. Sam felt a trong cold breeze in her right ear in the hub, there were no drafts coming from anywhere. Sam then went into the ladies toilets, she felt like she was being watched, she had a vision of a previous location, where the spirit of a little girl used to turn the hand dryers on, she felt that this also happened here, so she set up some toys as trigger objects in there.

12:00am:- Live CCTV was switched on. Andy did a circle of protection in the restaurant. Investigation began. Andy began calling out. Photos were taken, orbs were caught. Andy had a sharp pain in his elbow, and was walking about everywhere, he felt the need to pace up and down, and he didn't know why. As Chris walked out of the old part of the restaurant, Louise saw a white light on the laptop follow him across the bar and into the kitchen, Sam saw it aswell, but actually in the room. Chris tried to do it again, but nothing followed him. They decided to try glass divination in the restaurant. They connected with a male spirit, he was not connected to the pub, he was connected to the house that was there before it was a pub. Andy asked if he was aware of the tunnel that used to lead to the priory, he said yes. Andy and Sam then heard footsteps in the old part of the restaurant, at the same time, Louise felt the table move. Andy aked him if he was a monk, as he said it, there was a thud on the table. He confirmed he was a monk. He was grounded, but happy. The glass was then tipping. He goes about his daily business as if he was still alive. They were not getting anymore clear answers, so decided to end the session.

Sam and Chris were sat at the laptop, the k2 metre was on the edge of the table when it started flashing to maximum. Chris picked it up and pointed it to the middle of the room, it was still flashing, but not by the floor or the ceiling. As Andy and Louise re-joined them, it stopped.

All of the team then moved into the cellar and began a seance. They stood in a circle holding hands, with the k2 metre in the centre on the floor. Andy began to call out, asking for spirits to come close and affect the k2 metre. Andy could feel a presence between him and Louise. As he turned towards Louise, Sam saw Andy's face change, it wasn't his face! Sam didn't like it! They then moved round in the circle, Sam and Chris felt a very strong breeze around them. Andy could still feel a presence around him, he then went freezing from head to foot. He felt like his cheeks were puffing out, his face felt very weird. Sam, Louise and Chri could see his face change, he looked like an old man with a moustache, and his eyebrows were glowing! It was very weird!

1:40am:- Everyone then moved back up to the restaurant. Sam began using her pendulum. She connected with a male spirit, he was not connected to the pub, he was connected to someone who works at the pub. When Sam asked him if he was connected to Tom (the owner) the chain on the pendulum began to vibrate. She asked again but the answer was no. He was not connected to any of the chefs. He confirmed he was connected to one of the barmen. He was related to a barman. He confirmed he was his dad. He had died from natural causes, confirmed as a heart condition. Sam began counting and asked him to move the pendulum at the age that he had passed, it moved at 45. Andy then asked Tom the owner to say 3 names, with one of them being the name of his barman. The pendulum did not move at the correct name.

2:10am:- They then decided to try glass divination one last time. They connected with a female spirit, she was connected to the pub. There was then a knock on the table, she confirmed she had done it. She used to work at the pub. Andy asked her if she could write, she said yes, so Andy asked her to write her name with glass, she wrote - barbara. She had worked in the pub in the 1900's, then confirmed it was the 1970's. she did not die of natural causes, she was murdered, it was an accident. She confirmed she was murdered in 1978, her killer was caught. The team could not get anymore answers so decided to call it a night.

2:30am:- They began collecting up all the equipment and trigger objects, none had moved. Closing prayer of protection was done by Andy in the restaurant. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected


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