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Team Spiritz are a Paranormal Investigation Team based in the Dudley area of the West Midlands. If You would like to book an investigation with Team Spiritz please click our contact us button or give us a call.


Mission Statement

Team Spiritz are a back to basics paranormal investigation team our aim is to discover any evidence of paranormal activity through the uses of a minimum amount of paranormal equipment and spiritual communication.

Some of the team use spiritual intuition to sense any spirit around them, and pick up information from spirit to what they believe is true

Follow our journey into the paranormal world

We are Team of Paranormal Investigators, Who share the same interest in the paranormal, which some of us has visited & investigated some of the country's most haunted locations, such as Chillingham Castle, Dudley Castle, Derby Gaol, Galleries of Justice & Ancient Ram Inn.

Team Spiritz  pride themselves in not being an events team and are a none profitable group, to which we consider paranormal investigating as a hobby,  all Investigations are free of charge. As a team we use more traditional ways to investigate the paranormal, like seances and glass divination. We love what we do as a team and try and help anyone who may think they have experienced paranormal activity.

 We  investigate anywhere Business or Private locations around the UK, and must state any guests who may join us during our investigations MUST not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol for the safety of our team members and others, as a team we will refuse to work under these conditions.


Team Spiritz dont try and convince or force anyone to believe in the existance of the paranormal world, this website is a guideline into the way we do our investigations and possible evidence we may have caught. Team Spiritz allow everyone to make their own judgement of the paranormal world.


Team Spiritz refuse to use ways to contact spirit via Ouija Boards or Spirit Boards!!

Thanks for looking at our website and showing an interest in our work.


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